Day Thirteen -Hiroshima 3

We woke up to the room’s telephone ringing and a female voice saying loudly in my ear “BREAKFAST?!” ‘Yea…’ I replied groggily and she hung up. So we got dressed and went downstairs to be greeted with a full array of western breakfast.  

Matt: I’m so full! I’m not used to breakfast. Even in New Zealand I don’t have breakfast. 

Swang: How do you last until lunch?

Matt: Snacks. And I eat an Up N Go. 

Swang: Drink. You drink an Up N Go. 

Matt: Semantics. 

Swang: Are you drinking that apple?

Got ready, walked across town to the station and trained to another ferry. Ferried to Miyjima island. JR pass meant we could just flash it at each station and go, made everything easy and was well worth the money for the whole trip. 
We departed the ferry and went around the island walkway dodging deer (much like Nara) to the gate which the island is famous for, and took many photos. On the way we stopped for a bite and I got some kind of kebab – all I know is that it said taco which is octopus and I was not disappointed. I also had an ice cream. 


Look at his tasty wee tentacle.

I made friends with a deer which I named Gale (it wanted my ice cream), and she followed me for some time we got a video. Then we popped through the walkways of the shrine on the water and set off up the mountain. 

Casual torii

There was another shrine to the side which had rows and rows of little statues, which ALL had knitted hats (white and red, like Wally) – it was hilarious and a little eerie.


I found Wally.

There was also a room full of some kind of Buddha shrines/displays which corresponded to something that I couldn’t read, but the place was beautiful:
The patented ‘Matt’ photo angle.

Many pictures along the way and about 3km later we had made it to the top (535m) and I wanted to die. We cooled down and then I sat in the sun to let my t-shirt dry because I was so unbelievably sweaty, and we took an alternative route down the mountain back into the city. 


Most of the restaurants and other places at which we could dine-in were closed, but we found a nice touristy place that was open and I had another Japanese curry. 

We perished the shops a little and made our way back to the ferry, and from there ambled back to the station. We got off at an earlier station which, it turns out, was slightly closer to our ryokan, and I popped into the 7-Eleven for a bunch of snacks and spied the sunset across a bridge. 


Dinner was at 7, I woke up after a long and late nap, and we went downstairs. Most of the food was cold and it seems we were expected to microwave what we wanted warm, but the rice was hot. I even ate the soup, which seemed to be mushroom, meat, and my favourite, corn. So I didn’t really enjoy it all that much, sorry Ikawa!

We returned to our room where Swang went back to organising the next few days without me, and the phone rang. I got the last one, I told him. He picked up and a small battle ensued, which was retold to me as:


We’ve already eaten. 


We have already e-a-t-e-n-


We were just downstairs!


We have fun. 

I finished my last night with Swang eating all the chocolates I bought from the 7-Eleven. 


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