Day Fifteen – Tokyo; Dunedin

Another very early morning – this time by choice. I figure if my plane leaves at 6 (that’s 10pm NZ time) I can fall asleep in the next couple of hours and set an alarm so I wake up earlier than usual for me (say 2 to 4 hours) which should hopefully aid in switching over to NZ time again. Hopefully. I treated myself to a can of warm coffee from the 100yen vending machine down the road and meandered through the side streets in the direction of Akihabara. Waking through the side roads, a couple of houses reminded me of biking the streets of Kyoto, with some kind of shrine thing outside. 

I stood outside a massive, enormous, gigantic department store called Yodabashi-Akiba which I just can’t express the size of, waiting until it opened. They had everything – I assumed I would just spend the few hours I had in that place. 

And a few hours in that place I did spend. I asked a guy in Japanese, “I have a NZ PS3/4 and the games are Japanese, will they work together?” He replied in Japanese. I sensed his tone and appropriated a dejected face and thanked him then left. I still have no idea what he said. But I purchased a cool case for my 3DS, and asked a guy for some popular Japanese music. He must have thought that ‘popular’ was a genre and said they don’t have any, but the CDs are over that way. So I perused and found a few artists I already know, picked one, and another couple of random ones. 

Then I checked out the other 7 floors, bought some puzzles, and left. I got a text from Swang saying how much he missed me, and took a moment to feel something in my cold, black heart. I then navigated to the part of Akihabara I remembered from my first visit and bought a bunch of different flavours of kit Kat, and ignored a few maids on the street. 

On the way back to get my bag I realised by a shop I used as a landmark I had been walking the wrong way. I went back to the hostel and wandered aimlessly for some time, then I got my bag and asked the best way to get to Narita airport, rearranged all of the things in my 3 bags, and set off. 

At Aoto station I was supposed to change to the Keisei line to get to terminal 1 of Narita airport, but there were so many different directions and times I just states red at the map for a while until an elderly woman who was reading the timetable pointed at one and said Narita – I was very thankful.

On the train I watched a woman as we approached a station – she stepped onto the train and tapped a girl on the head a couple of times. The girl was fast asleep, slumped against the pole with her mouth open. She woke up startled and looked guilty as the both got off the train. 

At Narita I made it to the departure… court. It was like a playing field, I had to ask for help to find the location of air New Zealand – and found it wasn’t open yet. So I sat and waited with my bag for 40 mins and finally was able to line up and check it in. 

With my bag gone, I was definitely ready for food. It was ten to 3 and I realised I hadn’t eaten at all – so I found the food court and decided on a nice mixed meat soba (noodles in soup and some meats). At least I think it was mixed. I couldn’t read the kanji so I went off of what I could read. 


And garnished with my tears
I decided I would just go through immigration and all that so I could sit down and rest my feet, then played on the travellators for half an hour, and bought my last drink and some chocolate. 

After boarding I watched the whole of Interstellar which is like 3 hours long, and that made it about 2am NZ time by the time I was ready to you to sleep, so it sort of ruined my plan..

After going to sleep Japanese time, I then woke up in the New Zealand morning which basically means I had bugger all sleep. So I was sluggish going to Christchurch and Dunedin, trying to stay awake/ counter jetlag. 

Going through customs in Auckland was a BREEZE. Like he looked at what I ticked, and when I told him it was mostly chocolate and rice flour treats he said to follow the green path – which led right outside. Meanwhile almost every other person was going through the X-ray machines. What if I lied! I could have anything in my bag – I could have smuggled one of the bunnies from Okunoshima!

Also the flight through to Dunedin was on a Q300 – 2 rows of two seats and it sounded like a swarm of bumble bees. If I weren’t so tired I would have been terrified. 

I took a shuttle home with a guy who thought he knew everything about Japan and basically said horrible things the whole way home – I’ve decided I won’t take kiwi shuttles again (especially after a prior shuttle including a racist, sexist and homophobic shuttle driver – why do they have to talk to me when I’m the only one?)

I got home and unpacked, then I enjoyed my loot and tried to relax. 

Flash helps me work out my puzzle.

That’s all, folks. 


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