Day 2, Oxford

I told myself I would stay awake until late, but obviously that didn’t happen. Woke up at ten pm and got ready for bed, went back to sleep for a few hours but woke again around 2am. Played on Facebook and talked to people in NZ for over an hour and finally got back to sleep – I must have been quite tired because my heart was beating oddly, adding to my stress. Fortunately by morning that had passed. 

When I woke in the morning I mucked around for hours and didn’t end up leaving the house until after 10. I went to Three, the phone store, and got a UK sim that does roaming in most of the countries I plan to visit. Best of all it was £20 a month and I have 12gb of data to use, so I’ll be safe when it comes to needing maps etc now. Most importantly I can snapchat and play Pokemon Go now. It’s a pretty fantastic deal, highly recommend if you visit! 

How badly I wanted this cake

I visited Radcliffe Camera and the Oxford University Church, took a bunch of photos and spent £4 to walk up the tower. Was worth it for the view. 

This is how humans stand, right?

Then Cathy appeared and we got lunch together, we both had very lactosey meals and voiced our immediate regrets as we sat in our chairs groaning like beached whales. 

Cream? No thanks, lactose intolerant. Oh, soy milk? Nah I’m good.

She then walked me to the museum of science and history. Unfortunately hurt my back carrying my bag on the front of my person (classic Matt), as they didn’t want us knocking things over. I saw the library and then the Bridge of Sighs, where Cathy told a story involving its creation due to the fact that a survey suggested the students in that college were the fattest and could use the exercise. 


From there I walked around the main streets, watched a lady making fudge (and bought some of that fudge), then headed to the Ashmolean museum. I spent a couple of hours there, particularly in the Rome and Greece sections (probably anticipating my future journeys). 

Coffee-chocolate, *drool noises*

I then went to the museum of natural history which was excellent, and on the way home popped to the supermarket for a wee feed before accompanying Cathy to netball. The walk was nice and I got to see more of Oxford and the more suburb-ish areas. Unfortunately I jinxed it and made Cathy lose her netball game. The walk home was dark and brisk, and once we got back I had some soup and ate a croissant, then began to devour my fudge. I booked my bus ticket to London for Wednesday and accommodation from Wednesday until Saturday, where Swang and I will bus to Paris. 

“Do you want to go to France on Saturday?” Swang asked me. “Yea, sure” I replied. So casj.


Day 1, New Zealand to England

I said goodbye to Amy and my mother and hopped in the shuttle at about 1:30pm- I was still only anxious about catching the connecting plane that would take me out of NZ because I seem to be an incredibly anxious flyer (no way, me, anxious?). The wait in Dunedin wasn’t too bad until 3:10, and I dozed for most of that flight. 

Once I got to Christchurch at 4:10 I checked my bag in (waiting in a queue that didn’t have anyone attending for about an hour to do so – and then went to go exchange some money. The wait in Christchurch was a long one, so I sat around for another 4 hours and finally got on the plane. 

Watched Fantastic Beasts on the trip from Chch to Melbourne, fantastic btw. A short wait in Melbourne of about an hour and a 13+ hour flight to Dubai. I don’t recall when I slept but it was only a few hours – and, classic Matt, woke up with a whole lot of neck and back pain. The seatbelt lights went on right after I got up to stretch and ablute, so I sat in my seat and writhed for a half hour before I could get up again and actually pee. Fortunately my seat was slightly more roomy than other economy seats – mine was in a small room at the back of the upper deck, the only room of economy seats on the upper deck full stop.

Mine is the second chair, third row back, sticking up oddly

Once we got to Dubai of course I needed to go again, I held it and went through security again to get back into the terminal to wait for my transfer – then I went to the loo finally (after a milky dinner, and I could only find squat toilets) and sat down (gingerly), waiting for the gate to open. Once we finally got on the plane again the pilot had problems with the onboard computer and had it replaced which took 20 minutes or so), then we were in a queue at what seemed to be plane ‘rush hour’, so I watched Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (another fantastic film!) while waiting an hour for take off. This flight was 8 hours but I dozed very little, and spent most of the last couple of hours worrying, coming up with reasons why I wouldn’t be let into the UK.

Eventually we landed and disembarked, I got let through immigration with the only questions being where are you going, and why the green hair – of course there was a delay in the bag handling though. I got out some money with my cash passport which turned out to be a fantastic idea, because of bookings) and met Cathy holding a fantastic sign. 

They always spell my name wrong

Cathy seemed as delirious as I was during our bus journey back to Oxford. We chuckled at everything and anything, I seemed to be on a reunification high. 

Just down the road from Cathy’s, Cornmarket St.

Once at her house just down one of the main roads, we popped down to a pharmacy called Boots and I grabbed some supplies, and headed back. After a quick shower we popped quite literally a couple of doors down to the Eagle and Child, and had a feed. Back at Cathy and Andrew’s I tried to stay awake but alas, I was too tired. I promptly fell asleep before 9pm, woke up, got ready for bed and fell asleep again. I would say I got less than 5 hours sleep since I started travelling, and didn’t have a great sleep the night before I began my journey, so I was probably running on delirium.

No eagles, few children. 5/7.