Day 12, Heidelberg 2

I woke with, you guessed it, pain. I snoozed and kept waking until after 9 where I got up and did the morning routine. Breakfast at Steffis goes until half past ten so I want in any hurry, and then I would have half an hour to walk to the massage place. 

I dawdled, but made it with plenty of time to spare. Inside the woman informed me that my masseuse was sick, and said they have a partner time massage place down the road, which I could go to, and they would handle me. I said sure and asked where was he walked me to the door and gave me and I said I think I come to which she replied that she would walk me to the end of the street. No, that’s okay, but she insisted, so I let her walk me to the end of the street, where she said she could hear that I wasn’t from Germany – she pointed to where I needed to go, and are used Google maps for good measure. 

When I arrived I rang the doorbell and the woman let me in. She asked if I was from across the road, and I said yes. I describe what I wanted, and I went in for the massage. During that time when we were talking I mentioned that I didn’t know a word in German, so she switched to English and began to talk to me for the rest of the massage. It wasn’t nearly as awkward as I thought it was going to be, even when she had the back of my head wedged between the table and her breasts. The Thai massage portion where I was being twisted and contorted around her knees was quite funny for us both. 

She finished and offered me a Tea, with a little coconut chocolate. I sat outside and I had my tea, and then I went back in to pay for it. There I remembered about the thing, which I had forgotten in the past couple of days. I had looked up the tipping culture earlier, and was about as confused as I normally am (this is a lot). So I just thought to myself how much I enjoyed it, and what extra I thought she should get from me. I gave her 40 for a €35 massage so that’s only €5 extra, which is like 10%, right? I said stimmt and she smiled so I hoped that was a good sign as I left. Relaxed. But also sore – for a small Vietnamese woman giving a Thai massage, she was surprisingly strong.

Not pictured, Matt Foster, the embodiment of serenity

From there I went into town and stopped at the department store. I tried on some pants, not quite finding the perfect fit – especially for €90 (like 130 NZ) so I left upstairs to use the toilet. I saw they have a bowl inside for putting money, but I had no 1 euro coins and I didn’t think it was worth 2 euros. Oh the loo, I heard people dropping lots of change, so I got our all my crap coins (which came to 49 euro cents) and paid as I left. The man sitting by the door thanked me, and as I wanted my hands I read the information above the bowl in the mirror. It asked for 50 euro cents. I mean close enough, right?

Out in the cafe I looked at the hot drink options and got confused, no one was there to take my order. I waited a few minutes, and ended up taking a seat. I talked to Amy on Skype for a wee bit, and after I hung up an attendant came by, I guess waiting for me to finish my call. She let me know if I want ordering anything I’d need to leave, so I told her I wanted to but I didn’t know where to pay for it. She said she brings it and I can pay her – so I did and age brought me a receipt and change, saying this way they know I’ve bought something here. I thank her and apologise, then ask if there are theatres in Heidelberg with current films, but she is from Mannheim and doesn’t know, suggesting I google it.  

I stayed a little longer, both to finish my hot chocolate, and to show her that I wasn’t scared of her. Then I left, briefly googling the two cinemas in the area. They weren’t showing the movies I wanted to see, so I decided I would just go back to the hostel. On the way I spotted Rewe, so I went in to grab dinner on the cheap. 
Of course i bought to much. Chocolate milk and other things. I helped an old lady reach something on a high shelf, and headed due the check out. In line, I saw everyone with their recyclable bags and I was like oh crap, will they even have plastic bags?? Fortunately being as well prepared as I am, I had a plastic bag in my side pocket, under my tissues and spare pair of socks. That sorted, I paid and went back to the hostel. 

Back at the hostel I come down, I grab some leaflets downstairs about things you can do in and around Germany, and then I went upstairs to see about booking transport to Munich. I was hoping to see my high school German teacher in a town called Pforzheim, unfortunately after a bit of googling, it seems like it would be a lot cheaper to take a direct bus with a company called FlexiBus, straight from Heidelberg to Munich. This was €15, so under 30 NZ. So it’s like going from Dunedin to Ashburton, only about half the price. Good deal anyway.

I set back in counted of the days spending (almost €90! That makes up for the previous days…), and then had a relaxing evening looking after my sore, but well massaged, back. I had spent most of my time inside, but that’s okay because after breakfast and the massage the sun pretty much disappeared. But you know what? My back didn’t hurt that much this evening. Small victory.

I’ve eaten so many I’ve made a travel bag (and put the bag I bought today in my big bag). They are the Riesen why I’ll be fat one day

After I finally managed to book a room in a hostel in Munich for a few nights over the weekend, I was finally able to contribute relaxing. I watched many episodes of some series I needed to catch up on (all afternoon/evening), ate my bready goods that I had purchased, had a chat to one of my room mates, and finally went to sleep.